Time has a funny way of washing things from the past into the recesses of obscurity. We here at the D&R Depot are proud of the history of LeRoy and the Depot. We still remember the trains pulling in and out and we still reminisce of day gone by here. As part of our effort to keep the history of the Depot and LeRoy alive, we have digitally restored the pictures of the past for you to view, and maybe do a little reminiscing of your own.

Please send us your old pictures of the Depot, or important events or buildings in LeRoy!

The Depot when Nancy & Don Nickerson first bought the restaurant - 1991

This picture is from long time Depot station master Don Moore - early 1980's

The first gas-electric train visits our Depot - 1960's

The Depot when it was still Buffalo, Rochester, & Pittsburgh - 1950's

A postcard featuring the Depot - 1910's