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Jhendrickson 1 day ago

Apple Chutney Pork Chops

The pork chops were delicious smothered in apple chutney. Enjoyed the meal and everything is home made quality The bake potato was hot and ready to be buttered. The care and preparation of the meal is one of the trade qualities of The D & R Depot. The staff is always helpful and attentive to your needs.

Guest 14 days ago

Ethel's Homemade Meatloaf

Had this with Brussels sprouts, and smashed potatoes . Positively wonderful good homemade cooking.

Hawksview55 17 days ago

Chilled Strawberry Soup

We always come to D and R Depot to celebrate family members' birthdays. I'm always excited to order the Strawberry Soup because it is such a treat. You could almost order it for desert because it is so creamy. I wish I had been able to make it out to LeRoy for the Lilac Pie... maybe next year.

Cmelia 27 days ago

Honey-Garlic Glazed Shrimp

The food, the atmosphere and the service could not have been better!

Elawler14 about 1 month ago

Conductor's Special - Chicken Pot Pie

Absolutely fabulous and served opened faced!

Lkirk1600 about 1 month ago

Grilled Shrimp BLT

The sandwich was unique (and delicious) and the service superb. Everyone is so friendly, we had an enjoyable lunch.

Cdutch45 about 2 months ago

Beef, Beer & Bacon Pot Pie

We had a wonderful dinner with my daughter & husband. She had the waffle sandwich with chicken, (didn't see it here). She loved it! My husband is handicap and they were so good to him, also.

Mag1gie1 2 months ago

Macaroni and cheese en casserole

A great home-style comfort food. A lovely blend of cheeses that does not overfill you.

Brandiarbia 2 months ago

Beer Battered Haddock Fish Fre

I absolutely love the fish here. Its so hard to choose between the fish fry and broiled Cajun for me. All the food is delectable and affordable. My family and I come for every birthday celebration and mother's Day. Such a great place to share good times and eats with family and friends. Thank you

Corinne 3 months ago

Conductor's Special - Chicken Pot Pie

I crave this pot pie!!! Huge chunks of meat. Flaky crust. Just goodness!

Hankearle 3 months ago

Delmonico Steak

Best steak in town. Service is always on point.

Kris 4 months ago

Filet Mignon & Eggs

Had this on my birthday with my discount postcard! Sign up ahead. The filet mignon was a small breast size piece, but every bite melted in my mouth. This is an all in one inclusive breakfast special with one price and reasonably priced.

Noreen1521 6 months ago

Depot Boneless Prime Rib

No matter what we order here, we never have a bad meal. We not only love the food but the atmosphere and the service is always wonderful.

Guest 7 months ago

Seafood Pot Pie

had this Last night,,,absolutely HEAVEN for Seafood lovers,,, I paired it with a side of rice.....just a wonderful meal!

Brandon 9 months ago

Breakfast Burrito

Love this dish!!

Klw21178 2 days ago

Conductor's Special - Chicken Pot Pie

The chicken pot pie is my go to meal at the D&R depot. It's a great potion size and is delicious! From the flaky pie crust to the generous amount of chicken and veggies-it's amazing! It's good home cooked comfort food. As much as I like many of the other dishes, this is the one I crave the most.

Hawksview55 17 days ago

Depot Boneless Prime Rib

This is a family favorite for birthday celebrations. We have never gotten a bad meal here. All the special touches are appreciated. For instance, no blah bread dish here. You get specialty baked items in basket like muffins, cinnamon roll, corn bread or whatever the bakery makes fresh that day. Also, the onion soup comes with a thick layer of cheese and mini scissors to make eating it neat and easy. Most of the time we are too full to eat desert but the one time I ordered one all three of us shared and were quite appeased!

Angela 22 days ago

Roast Turkey

Old fashioned Turkey dinner so good! Just how I make it on Thanksgiving.

Dkirk1600 about 1 month ago

Bayou Burger

Very tasty burger! Cooked as ordered and not overloaded with extras as happens at many establishments. The CAB burger meat is outstanding.

Paulcomposter about 1 month ago

Shortline Sampler

2 of each, Stuffed mushrooms,clams casino,Artichoke french, and Bruschetta bread....Very tasty and a great way to start out your meal. Also we finished with strawberry short cake with vanilla ice cream, It has the WOW factor and shared with my wife. Love my D&R Depot! Thank-you for a great dinner.

Vel0811 about 1 month ago

Vegetarian Pot Pie

Hands down the best veggie pot pie I've ever had, and I've been a vegetarian for 30 years. So thick and full of veggies. I'm working my way through all the vegetarian options, but I'll be back to this one for sure.

Bagellady0213 about 2 months ago

Conductor's Special - Chicken Pot Pie

Fabulous!!! They don't skimp on the chicken and was full of both plus an excellent sauce. Also, a fantastic flaky crust!!! We went there by ourselves but are taking our Dinner Club there next Tuesday, 5/21. I hope they have the delicious cabbage chorizo die for!

Tls 2 months ago

Our famous French Onion Soup au gratin

Love, love, love the French onion soup...delicious sweet onions in a beef broth that isn't too salty, the scissors to cut the cheese are such a brilliant idea! Also had french toast chicken was exquisite! the breading on the chicken was melt in your mouth wonderful and the french toast was to die for!

Msmichaelredmond 2 months ago

Macaroni and cheese en casserole

took gas to this restaurant one person order the macaroni and cheese and we all tasted it and everyone agreed it was absolutely the best in the world. I had already ordered a salmon meal when I was there for Easter that was excellent. I highly recommend this restaurant we're going there again on Mother's Day.whatever you like is that I know he's the food I sent that the people are so nice, and there is such a calming vintage feeling of the restaurant.

Hal9200 3 months ago

Ethel's Homemade Meatloaf

Cannot limit the review to only one menu item, as nearly all items I have had here over the years has been truly scrumptious!

Janice 3 months ago

Reuben sandwich

All the food at D & R Depot is delicious. I especially love the Reuben sandwich. The corned beef is tender and melts in your mouth. Eat in or take out you can't go wrong!

Kris 4 months ago

Conductor's Special - Chicken Pot Pie

There's a very good reason this is their signature d! ish! It is phenomenal! You haven't had a Chicken Pot Pie until you've had D&R Depot's! It has a flaky , crispy top crust. And the pot pie is homemade.Not to mention which it's a huge. There's a Senior size serving or you can have leftovers or just skip dessert!

Guest 7 months ago

Homemade Mozzarella Wedges

we had these last night crispy and yummy

Ark2957 9 months ago

Cinnamon rolls

And Walnut Sticky Bun! Delish!! Made Reservations for Thanksgiving Day!!

Katie 9 months ago

The Middle Leaf

Some of the best pancakes I've ever had!